LATEST DAN Hangat!!! -- AKhirnya Di Palam jugak Presiden

Friday, March 14, 2008

Looks like UMNO is up to their cannibalistic ways. Some forces in UMNO led by Mukhriz Mahathir has called for Abdullah's resignation But to what end? During the 1999 crisis, a mass exodus of UMNO and the Youth wing followed Anwar such as Roslan kassim, Saifuddin Nasution and half the UMNO YOUTH EXCO lineup. Tun Mahathir didnt step down even when the UMNO General Assembly hall was left empty. Now, is it going to help UMNO or BN for that matter for Abdullah to step down? Here's the analysis.

if Abdullah steps down, and Najib takes will be a field day for Anwar Ibrahim. WHY? Anwar has all the files on the Sukhoi's, useless submarines, ammo and defence surplus and worst Altantuya files.Anwar will literally take Najib and UMNO to the cleaners. this is why Najib needs Abdullah. The people of Malaysia made it clear through the ballot box that reforms must be made in govt and BN. The last thing is the demise of UMNO altogether. No doubt Abdullah would like to regain the rakyat's confidence, and what does Mukhriz do? He wants a bloodbath, he wants the extinction of UMNO, the same party that gave his family wealth and access to his Parliamentary seat.

Mukhriz really thinks he can fight Anwar on his own? No chance, the only way is use Najib to attempt to fight together, which the DPM can't do, as he is the heir apparent to Abdullah and made it clear his allegiance is to PM. Mukhriz is rolling the dice using this oppurtunity to oust Abdullah and his sworn adversary Khairy, whom is actually Hishamuddin's lapdog. Hisham whom is a safety 1st politician like his cousin, has always got Khairy to do his dirty bidding, even asking Khairy to bulldoze the other component parties and opposition whilst waiting behind the veil. Hisham now has every chance to set the record straight and step up to the plate and be the UMNO Youth Chief he ought to be, but from his track record...he will just shy away. Even at the back of his mind a weakend UMNO party will make things easier for Anwar. With KJ relegated to the sidelines, Hisham must find another loudspeaker, after all he was the one whom wanted Khairy to be his Deputy, whom clearly outshone him. Khairy (a story in itself) is left grasping to Hisham's tailcoats as he was blamed for everything. Hisham definitely took the young boy under his wing and they are both at fault collectively especially for thier great performance with the Keris encore.

Hisham also whom was brought in by Anwar is playing it safe on all fronts. What makes it worst, his own political secetary and long time friend Akhbar Khan a true Anwar loyalist has left Hisham on a bad note. Fundamentally, if the UMNO Youth Head is now dilly dallying, what of the future of UMNO?

In conclusion, the only man that can rally against Anwar and his idea of a defunct UMNO is no other than Abdullah himself. There was too much goodwill between the two, after all it was Abdullah whom let him out of the can much to Mahathir's discontent. Mahathir shld also know that in his panic to oust Abdullah, it could all back fire if and when Najib takes over. Najib will be eaten alive together with mukhriz and Hisham re-aligning with Anwar. The worst hasnt really started yet.


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