Friday, March 14, 2008

Fellow Malaysians,

Today we live in crazy days. BN for the longest time has kept the spirit of living harmoniously side by side respecting each others culture, customs, lifestyle and above all religion. However, this has changed over the last few days as many of us, invoked by many empty promises such as PAS for All, BN harga Barang Naik, Reformasi!! and many other taglines that would entice the average Malaysian. These promises are held close to the hearts and minds, however, this is no easy task.

Definitely the Chinese and indians swung the vote against BN simply because they felt MCA, GERAKAN and MIC are no longer relevant as moments such Dato Sri Hishamuddin kissing the Keris to issue out a warning to other races not to challenge the patronage of Malays. However, Hisham the minister of education himself has also not performed as a minister only coming up with a half baked cluster schools programme and worst still introduced school fees or yuran. This pinch is felt throughout the country and gave opposition way to come up in its manifesto....FREE EDUCATION FOR ALL (PKR and DAP). Clearly, Hisham tried to cover himself by pledging a last minute assistance to Chinese Schools, when he had 4 years to reform education altogether. At least the Police Force and Civil Service got a raise....MOE under Hisham?? Nope, not a dime. Even when he had 300,000 teachers under him and 50,000 support staff for education nationwide....thats 350,000 votes one. Nice one Hisham.

Dont forget, his sidekick KJ, the posterboy of UMNO and energetic, following a bad example like Hisham, followed every whim and fancy of the Princely Hisham and took all the stick. Well, cant blame KJ either, he saw an oppurtunity and took it, and now is Hisham's scape goat. Whilst KJ is busy talking rubbish in Kelantan in the run up of the '08 GE, where was his mentor Hisham? His big Turkish nose was nowhere in sight. And the fact KJ's spat with Mahathir and Mukhriz has disrupted UMNO. KJ is no doubt a psycho taking on Mahathir. However, KJ too has been put in the cooler and will only be released till further notice on a monkey hunt.

Then we have Najib......the cousin...heir apparent to Pak Lah, the PM in waiting. Najib has always been loyal to his presidents even swinging last min votes against KU Li when he had tried to usurp Mahathir. Najib is a true party man and has always played it safe all the way. The only real clear and present threat he has is Anwar Ibrahim. The fallen DPM has a pile of files so high that if it tipped it would make a bridge across to Singapore. Ranging from his exploits in Port Dickson with an artiste, his Sukhoi Jets, Diesel subs, all this Anwar has for a rainy day which nearing.

This however has not stopped Anwar from at least divulging an episode or two on his travels nationwide, reaffirming that his out for Najib's head. How come Anwar has never directly gone for pak Lah? Maybe because Pak Lah released him from ISA that he has felt obiliged.

lets face it....malaysian politics has never been so vibrant, it was not just HINDRAF, Chinese Swing, or the infighting within UMNO from candidacy or Wanita screwing up the K-10 intel on voters or the logistics fuckup from UMNO HQ, or PAS's great morality strategy, or Zainuddin's fuckup on al jazeera.....its us Malysians that want this roll on 4 CRAZY YEARS!!!!! Prepare your serbans and jubahs when you travel up north, and the foul pork stench too when you pass Penang.


carlos said...

Ini dah gila.Ini macam buffet, semua maKan semua makan orang UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Hisham akan make sure KJ bunuh Najib!!!

Anonymous said...

What's the meaning of Palam?
and Kewl? (cool?)
excuse lah. old timer new to net

MR DICK said...

Palam means KILL
KEWL means COOL!!!
Old timer -- YOU ARE DA MAN!!!!



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